Bourbon Beer From Reunion 5%

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(9.72 € / L)

The famous "Dodo" from Reunion.
Volume: 330ml
Manufacturer: Brasseries de Bourbon
Region: FranceReunion Island
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Bourbon Beer From Reunion 5%

The beer was born on June 9, 1953, and after the third name change, "Bière Bourbon" wins. However, the locals will say the first and most popular beer from the island of Réunion is different from Dodo. Pilsner-type light beer has been awarded a gold medal 5 times in the "World Selection of Quality Beers" competition, the last year of which took place in Barcelona in 2007. You can drink this beer as an aperitif or during dinner, it is suitable for all your friendly moments.

Ingredients: water, barley malt, rice, sugar, hop extract, yeast, colour E150c



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Region Réunion